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Amsterdam Tour

2 Hours
Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands and has a long history. Discover Amsterdam with stories about, for example: ✓ the oldest quarter...
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From €150 per group

Tulip Bike Tour – 24/3 until 17/5

6.5 hours
Great alternative to overcrowded Keukenhof Gardens. If you are looking for an authentic tulip experience: join our tulip bike tour and learn...
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€42,50 P.P.

Leiden Tour

1.5 - 2 Hours
Join our Leiden Tour! Leiden is a beautiful town, only 35 minutes from Amsterdam. Discover Leiden with stories about, for example: ✓ a young,...
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From €80 per group

Haarlem Tour

2 hours
Haarlem is the city were the most standard Dutch is spoken and only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam! Discover Haarlem with stories about, for...
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From €80 per group