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Amsterdam Tour

2 Hours
Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands and has a long history. Discover Amsterdam with stories about, for example: ✓ the oldest quarter...
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From €100 per group

Giethoorn Tour

Full Day tour
Join our Giethoorn Tour! Giethoorn is the ‘Venice of The Netherlands’, because you can explore it – like Venice – mostly by water.  It’s a small...
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From €110 P.P.

Volendam | Marken | Zaanse Schans Tour

7 Hours
Discover some real Dutch landscape by joining our Volendam – Marken – Zaanse Schans tour! Windmills, cheeses, clogs, water and much more....
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From €130 P.P.

Tulip Bike Tour

5.5 hours
Join our tulip bike tour and learn exciting tales and stories about the typical Dutch tulips and castles!  Next to the many tulips you’ll...
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€42,50 P.P.

Leiden Tour

1.5 - 2 Hours
Join our Leiden Tour! Leiden is a beautiful town, only 35 minutes from Amsterdam. Discover Leiden with stories about, for example: ✓ a young,...
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From €65 per group

Haarlem Tour

2 hours
Haarlem is the city were the most standard Dutch is spoken and only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam! Discover Haarlem with stories about, for...
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From €65 per group